Don Larsen now has company


It's been almost 54 years to the day (Oct. 8, 1956) that Don Larsen threw the only no-hitter in postseason history: a perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Finally, he has company with Roy Halladay's no-hitter against the Cincinnati Reds -- in his postseason debut no less.

Roy Halladay 2010 No-Hitters

It is NOT the same thing because this would include a postseason no-hitter, but Halladay is the fifth pitcher to throw two no-hitters in the same calendar year: Johnny Vander Meer of the 1938 Reds, Allie Reynolds of the 1951 Yankees, Virgil Trucks of the 1952 Tigers and Nolan Ryan of the 1973 Angels.

During the regular season, the Reds have not been no-hit since June 23, 1971 -- that's the second longest regular-season active streak behind the Chicago Cubs, who haven't been no-hit since 1965.

Halladay is the first pitcher to toss a shutout in his postseason debut since Bobby Jones' one-hitter for the New York Mets in Game 4 of the 2000 NLDS. He's also the second pitcher to throw a shutout in Phillies postseason history. The other was by Curt Schilling in Game 5 of the 1993 World Series.

Halladay threw a first-pitch strike to 25 of 28 (89.3 percent) Reds hitters, the fifth-highest percentage for any starter in 2010 who faced a minimum of 20 hitters. Only two Reds put the first pitch in play, so Halladay started ahead 0-1 to 23 of the 28 hitters he faced. (By comparison, Larsen threw 97 pitches, 71 for strikes in his perfect game, and 18 first-pitch strikes to 27 batters.)

No Reds hitter reached a 2-0 count, and only one reached 2-and-1. No hitter reached a 3-and-1 count.

Cincinnati hit just four balls in play out of the infield all game.

Halladay had great command, as evidenced by his strike percentage on both inside and outside pitches. More than 78 percent of Halladay's outside pitches were strikes, well above his regular-season average of 64.7. On inside pitches, Halladay threw strikes 73.8 percent of the time, significantly better than the 63.7 percent he posted during the regular season. Eighty-eight of Halladay's 104 pitches were either inside or outside, with just 16 over the middle.

Cincinnati had no shot on Halladay's offspeed pitches before two strikes. Twenty-one of Halladay's 66 pitches (31.8 percent) before two strikes were offspeed, above his season average of 23.8. The Reds swung at 14 of the 21, missing on 12.

Overall, the Reds missed 17 of the 25 swings they took against Halladay's offspeed pitches, including eight of 10 against the changeup.

The Reds won the team NL Triple Crown this season -- leading the league in runs, HR and batting average. The last team that did this and got no-hit in the same season was the 1996 Colorado Rockies.