Conference Power Rankings: Week 6

For the first week this season, there was no change in the conference pecking order. All conferences are now into their intraconference schedules which leaves very little interconference action to affect the ratings. Most of the premier out-of-conference games have already been played, so the computer rankings should be fairly stable until the last few weeks of the season when more interconference battles ensue.

Week 6 ESPN Stats & Info Conference Power Rankings

The Ohio State Buckeyes’ jump to the top spot in the AP poll helped secure the Big Ten’s number two ranking. The Big Ten has a substantial lead over the Pac-10 in AP voting which barely offsets the Pac-10’s computer ratings lead. As I mentioned last week, the Big Ten and Pac-10 should continually go back and forth as the number two conference, fueling debate between the traditional Rose Bowl participants.

In a battle the Big East wants no part of, Conference USA moves ever closer to overtaking the BCS conference. A loss by the West Virginia Mountaineers (the only Big East school receiving any AP voting points) to the South Florida Bulls in ESPN’s Thursday night game could knock the conference to levels of mediocrity it has not yet seen.

Meanwhile, the Mountain West and WAC – two non-AQ conferences – are settling into their respective five and six rankings.