Alex Smith: It's not all his fault

SmithAlex Smith was booed throughout the second half in San Francisco on Sunday, with the fans going as far as chanting for David Carr to enter the game. While the quarterback is usually the first to blame when the offense isn’t executing properly, Smith shouldn’t be held solely responsible for the fact that the San Francisco 49ers are 0-5 and averaging just 15.2 points per game, which ranks 30th in the league.

On Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles, Smith attempted nine passes where he was either under duress or hit while throwing, and completed the same number of passes to his teammates as he did the Eagles -- one. When Smith wasn't pressured, however, he completed 24 of 30 passes (80 percent) with three touchdowns, averaging nearly 10 yards per attempt.

Alex Smith This Season

The Niners offensive line has struggled to keep pass rushers away from Smith, who has been sacked 10 times while attempting a league high 41 passes under duress in five games.

Entering Week 5, quarterbacks had attempted passes under duress 16.6 percent of the time, but Smith has been pressured on 21.6 percent of his attempts.

Smith has struggled under duress, but when given time to throw, he's been able to match the performance of the average NFL quarterback.

Head coach Mike Singletary announced on Monday that Smith will keep his starting job for at least another week. If the 49ers are to make history as the first team to start 0-5 and make the playoffs, then they'll need to do a better job of keeping pass rushers out of Smith’s face and give him a chance to execute the offense.