LeBron can be better inside the paint

Brendan Maloney/USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James might be an even better player inside the paint with addition of Kevin LoveQuestion: Will the addition of Kevin Love make LeBron James even more efficient inside the paint?

Answer: Based on Kevin Love’s three-point shooting, first in makes and attempts among power forwards last season, the numbers say yes.

Highest FG Pct Inside the Paint
Last Season

James made a career-high 525 field goals and shot a career-high 72.9 percent from inside the paint last season. His 720 field goals attempted in the paint were his most in a single-season with the Miami Heat.

Among the 287 players that attempted at least 100 field goals inside the paint, James had the highest field goal percentage.

James’ field goal percentage inside the paint got better every year in Miami. One thing you could point at for his improved shooting is the growth of Chris Bosh’s three-point shooting.

In his first season with Miami, Bosh shot 24.0 percent (6-25) from beyond the arc, the second lowest percentage of his career. Last year, he had career highs in makes (74) and attempts (218) and shot a respectable 33.9 percent.

Kevin Love 3-Point Shooting
Last Season

If Bosh’s three-point shooting played a role in James posting a career-high field goal percentage from inside the paint, wait until Kevin Love hits the court alongside him with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Love had career-highs in makes (190) and attempts (505) last season, leading all power forwards in both categories and ranking among the top eight among all players.