The Closer: Tuesday's finest

Ricky Romero the story of the night, you can read about him in some of our earlier posts. Here are some of Tuesday's best non-Romero notes:

Comeback Tigers

According to the Elias Sports Bureau the Tigers have two comeback wins in three games in which they trailed by five-or-more runs. The last time they had two such wins in a three-game span was in back-to-back games vs the Yankees in September 1971. In fact, the Tigers have come back from at least 2 runs down in 5 of their 6 wins this season.

Why Mariners starter Doug Fister won:

- Pounded the strike zone: Fister threw strikes on 71.9 percent of his pitches (58.9 last start). That number jumped to 81.8 percent on offspeed pitches (45.5 last start).

- Mixed in effective changeups: Fister threw his changeup only six percent of the time, but when he threw it, it was successful. Hitters swung at his change every time he threw it, including each one out of the strike zone.

Why Yankees starter Andy Pettitte won:

- Kept the ball down: 50 percent of his pitches were in the lower third of the strikezone or below, where Angels hitters went 0-for-6, had a miss percentage of 63.6 and Pettitte got five of his six strikeouts.

- Worked ahead, throwing first-pitch strikes to 76 percent of hitters he faced; from 2007-2009, opponents hit just .211 when Pettitte was ahead in the count and .363 when he was behind (2-for-10 with Pettitte ahead, 1-for-3 with Pettitte behind on Tuesday).

Why Rockies starter Greg Smith won:

- Threw 81.5 pct first-pitch strikes, his best mark in a single start in his career.

- Got 2 strikes on 14 hitters, and retired 13 of them (93 pct, MLB avg is 72 pct).