Thunder recover after dreadful 2nd quarter

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook each scored at least 30 points in the same game for the 31st time.

Entering halftime, the Thunder trailed by 12 points and had just finished a second quarter where they shot 18.2 percent from the field, their worst in any quarter this season.

Most Games With 30 Points Each
Teammates Since 2008-09

They bounced back in a big way in the second half and overtime. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant each scored 30 points for the 31st time since Westbrook was drafted in 2008. Only two other pairs of teammates have more than five such games in that span.

To put those 31 games in context: Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were teammates for 10 seasons with the Bulls. They each scored 30 points in the same game 16 times, barely half as many as Durant and Westbrook.

Let's take a look inside the comeback.

Stars step up

Durant and Westbrook combined to score all 13 of the Thunder’s points in overtime, including Westbrook’s game-winning drive to the hoop.

Durant & Westbrook on Drives - Wed.

The duo scored 15 points on drives in the second half and overtime, more than double their first-half output.

Westbrook went 2-of-5 with only four points with John Wall as the primary defender in the first half. In the second half, he scored 11 points when defended by Wall.

Making their jumpers

The Thunder scored 33 second-half points on jump shots, more than triple their output in the first half in which they shot 20 percent on jumpers and scored only 10 points.

After not making a single 3-point shot in the first half, the Thunder made six in the second half and overtime, and outscored the Wizards by 20 points on jumpers. The Wizards had a 15-10 point advantage on jumpers in the first half.

Westbrook does it on both ends

Wall struggled Wednesday when Westbrook was his primary defender. Westbrook held Wall to 16.7 percent shooting from the field and contested all four of his jump shots.

Wall finished with only six points and two turnovers against Westbrook. He shot 45.4 percent with 12 points against everyone else.