Rapid Reaction: Doc delivers perfection

Roy Halladay threw the 20th perfect game in MLB history on Saturday. The visiting Phillies defeated the Marlins 1-0.

It is the second perfect game of the 2010 season after Oakland's Dallas Braden turned the trick on May 9. This is the only season with multiple perfect games in the modern era. (There were two in 1880.)

Here are some other notes from Doc's gem:


  • Halladay is the fifth pitcher to throw a perfect game and win a Cy Young Award, joining Randy Johnson (five Cy Youngs), Sandy Koufax (three), David Cone and Catfish Hunter.

  • It's the first perfect game by a right-hander since David Cone on July 18, 1999 (6-0 vs. Expos).

  • It's the first perfect game by an NL right-handed pitcher since Dennis Martinez on July 28, 1991 (2-0 vs. Dodgers).

  • The Phillies have joined the White Sox, Yankees, Indians and Athletics as teams with two perfect games. Jim Bunning had the other one for the Phillies on June 21, 1964, against the Mets. (This does not include Don Larsen's World Series perfecto,)

  • The last perfect game thrown on a Saturday was the first one, Lee Richmond's, on June 12, 1880.


  • Last Phillies no-hitter: Kevin Millwood, April 27, 2003, vs. Giants.

  • Only other time Marlins were no-hit: July 14, 1995, against the Dodgers by Ramon Martinez.

  • Mike DiMuro was the home-plate umpire. It was his first no-hitter behind the dish. His father, Lou, umpired Jim Palmer's no-hitter against the Athletics in 1969.

  • Halladay is the sixth pitcher to throw a 1-0 perfect game (Tom Browning, 1988; Mike Witt, 1984; Sandy Koufax, 1965; Addie Joss, 1908; Lee Richmond, 1880).


  • Seven of the 27 batters Halladay faced reached a three-ball count, and three of them ended up striking out. Halladay’s strikeout percentage on three-ball counts is now 23.5 (MLB avg.: 14.5).

  • He struck out four batters with his sinker, the most in a start this season.

  • In his four previous starts, Halladay allowed 30 hits while striking out 12 with his fastball. On Saturday, he retired 19 of the 27 Marlins hitters with the heater, including six strikeouts.


    Halladay got 26 called strikes in this game and struck out six batters looking. Using Pitch F/X technology, a technology set up in conjunction with MLB, we had Doug Kern of ESPN Stats & Information look at whether those strikes were really strikes.

    Of the 26 called strikes, seven were, via Pitch F/X standards, out of the strike zone, or close enough that they would be "borderline strikes."

    There was a pattern:

    Six of these called strikes were off the plate to the right side (looking in from the pitcher's view). But more notably:

    Of Halladay's six strikeouts, five came on pitches that were not in the Pitch F/X strike zone.

    * Strikeout pitch to Chris Coghlan in the first inning was outside.

    * 2-1 pitch to Josh Johnson in the third was low.

    * Strikeout pitch to Hanley Ramirez in the fourth was inside.

    * First pitch to Johnson in the sixth was outside.

    * Strikeout pitch to Coghlan in the seventh was outside.

    * Strikeout pitch to Ramirez in the seventh was inside.

    * Strikeout pitch to Wes Helms in the ninth was inside.