Beamer's won many games, but no title

Bob Donnan/U.S. Presswire

Frank Beamer (center) holds a noteworthy college football distinction.

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Which active FBS or FCS coach has the most wins without winning a National Championship? -- asked by @matthewvh14

Virginia Tech Hokies coach Frank Beamer is the winningest active FBS coach, with 250 career wins after Thursday’s victory over North Carolina, but he’s never won a national title.

The Hokies lost to Florida State in the national title game, the Sugar Bowl in 1999, under Beamer.

When was the last time Michigan had two 1,000-yard rushers in the same season? -- asked by @joemichigan9

The only time Michigan has had two 1,000-yard rushers in the same season was 1975. Gordon Bell rushed for 1,390 yards and Rob Lytle rushed for 1,040 yards. This season, Denard Robinson has 910 yards and Fitz Toussaint has 753.

When was the last time Penn State won a football game without Joe Paterno as the head coach? Who did they beat? -- asked by @derek_kim

Penn State’s last win without Joe Paterno as its head coach was a 19-7 win over Maryland on Dec. 4, 1965.

What's the oldest trophy game in the country? -- asked by @sean_weaver57

It’s hard to tell which trophies are actually the oldest. For example, Minnesota and Wisconsin play for Paul Bunyan’s axe. The series began in 1890, but the trophy didn’t come along until the 1940s.

As for the oldest rivalry by two teams to play for a trophy, that distinction goes to Miami of Ohio vs Cincinnati, who play for the Victory Bell in a series that dates back to 1888.