Matt Kemp could be limited in return

Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp has been challenged by one ailment after another this year, resulting in far more missed games than played. When he last headed for the DL after injuring his ankle (and at that point he had only just returned to the lineup for one game), no one expected he would suffer another injury while rehabbing.

Kemp aggravated his right hamstring while performing his ankle rehab, and the question then became whether the Dodgers would see him again this season. Fortunately, the hamstring issue was relatively minor and Kemp was able to quickly resume his ankle rehab.

As you may have heard, the Dodgers have gotten hot in the second half of the season and with the playoffs on the horizon, the Dodgers would welcome a healthy Kemp. Can he really stay healthy, though? The only way to find out is to insert him back into the game and see how he functions, and it appears the Dodgers are prepared to do just that -- maybe.

Kemp was listed on the reserves Monday night and ultimately did make it into the game as a pinch hitter, delivering a strikeout in his lone at-bat in the ninth. While it would seem that Kemp appears on the verge of a return to the lineup, his manager sounded less than enthused about that prospect. According to ESPNLosAngeles.com, Don Mattingly said Kemp still looked "tentative" running the bases pregame, and indicated his duties would be limited to pinch hitting in the short term. For his part, Kemp says he feels ready to play, but the Dodgers may be understandably hesitant, given that he has missed all but 63 games so far this year.

Without much game history in 2013 to go on and with lingering concerns over how much he will be utilized, it’s hard for fantasy owners to know what to expect.