Injury updates: Bailey, Hanrahan, Greinke

A few more updates since posting Monday's injury cheat sheet.

Andrew Bailey, RP, Boston Red Sox (placed on DL May 6): Inflammation in his biceps is the latest ailment for Bailey, who is guaranteed to miss at least two weeks but could miss more, particularly if the area involved is near the shoulder. According to the Boston Herald, Bailey hopes to be held back from throwing for only a couple of days, but if the symptoms were enough to warrant a DL placement, the downtime is likely to be longer. The team hardly wants to bring him back in two weeks just to see him exit again with an exacerbation of the condition or, even worse, further damage.

Bailey came to the Red Sox in 2012, but the specter of injuries that plagued him in Oakland has continued to be an issue in Boston. In his first season with the club, a torn ulnar collateral ligament in his thumb required surgical repair and kept him out until August. This season, he started strong and was given the opportunity to close when Joel Hanrahan injured his hamstring. His strong performance would have kept him in the role had his arm not flared up.

The first order of business for the Red Sox is getting Bailey healthy enough to perform. Whether he can resume the closer role will have to be answered later and may depend on Hanrahan's status. Hanrahan, who just returned last week from a stint on the DL because of a right hamstring strain, had lost his closer role because Bailey was pitching so well. Then, just as he got the job back (following Bailey's injury), he exited Monday's game with forearm tightness.

While the vague diagnosis of a forearm strain, which is what the team is describing Hanrahan's injury as, can be either benign or serious depending on the source of the symptoms, it raises concern. Hanrahan has experienced pain in his throwing elbow and forearm before, even going on the DL to start the 2010 season because of a flexor-pronator strain, but told reporters after leaving Monday's game, "This is the first time it felt like this." Not exactly encouraging words.

Now both Bailey and Hanrahan are down, and the Red Sox will yield the closing spot once again (to whom is not yet clear).

Zack Greinke, SP, Dodgers (placed on DL April 12, expected back in late May/early June): Greinke went on the DL with a fractured collarbone sustained in a hit delivered by an angry Carlos Quentin, who had charged the mound. Greinke underwent surgery within days to repair the bone, and now it's just a matter of pain management. In fact, the surgery to repair Greinke's clavicle was performed with the goal that he would experience less overall downtime. Since he injured his non-throwing side, the main hurdle for Greinke post-surgery was pain. He must be able to complete his throwing motion without provoking the surgically repaired area such that it leads him to compensate.

The goal seems to be working. Greinke began playing catch shortly after surgery and has resumed harder throwing recently. The short interval of downtime post-surgery was key in keeping his throwing arm from losing the buildup work of spring training.

If he continues progressing at his current rate, it's possible that Greinke could return later this month, sooner than the eight weeks originally projected. Given the rash of injuries that have plagued the Dodgers' roster, they would no doubt welcome his presence.