Fantasy injury report: Michael Vick

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has routinely appeared on the injury report over the past few seasons, but the things that have landed him there have typically been the result of collisions, including rib and chest injuries, a concussion and even a contused throwing hand. His latest injury may still have been a result of his style of play, but it was not because he put himself in danger of getting hit. This time, it may simply have been Vick's athleticism -- albeit an aging athleticism -- which resulted in his departing the game early.

While he doesn't run quite the way he did in his 20s, Vick is still nimble enough to represent a threat with his feet, and gives the Eagles the option of creating both running and passing plays for him. Vick injured his left hamstring on a designed run play in the second quarter as he was headed out of bounds -- he said he thought he misstepped as he was slowing down -- leaving Nick Foles to finish the game.

Now the question is whether Vick will miss games and, if so, how many, as a result of his strained hamstring. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting Vick will likely be out for Week 6. Coach Chip Kelly was noncommittal, saying only that Vick had indeed undergone an MRI, that he is day-to-day and that they will "see how he goes" with his rehab.

It would not be surprising if Vick were to miss at least a week, given that he needs to be able to run -- at the very least to protect himself -- if he is to step on the field. Without knowing the details regarding the severity of the injury, it is impossible to project any meaningful timeline, but fantasy owners probably anticipated at least a one-week absence at some point in the season. If Vick were to miss only one week this year, it would actually be an improvement considering that he has missed at least three games in each of the past four seasons.