Philadelphia Eagles QB injury update

Heading into Week 8, both of the Philadelphia Eagles’ top two quarterbacks, Michael Vick (hamstring) and Nick Foles (concussion), are battling injury.

Despite being active for Week 6 as an emergency quarterback, Vick was inactive for Week 7 after his hamstring proved a little more problematic than expected. Vick acknowledged he could still "feel it" if he tried to burst, and the concern about potential aggravation of the injury given his style of play led the Eagles to hold him out.

Foles started in his place Sunday but exited early with a concussion. As is the case with all players who suffer concussions, Foles will be progressed through a staged protocol and there is no predictability as to when he will be cleared to return.

The question for the Eagles is whether Vick is indeed healthy enough to take the field this Sunday. It appears his return is imminent based on a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer stating that Vick will start Sunday when his team faces the Giants. ESPN.com's Phil Sheridan reported that Vick took the first-team reps in Tuesday’s practice. Perhaps this recent injury will translate to fewer designed run plays, but even if Vick is not yet 100 percent, he will run.

The hope is that given the time off and treatment, Vick has improved to the point where he is at a lower risk for re-injury than he was a week ago. Because time is a hamstring's best friend when it comes to recovery, the decision to hold Vick out last week will have helped. Unfortunately, we won’t know whether the two weeks off was sufficient until we see whether Vick can last the entire game Sunday.