Fantasy injury report: Jay Cutler

The announcement Thursday from Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman that QB Jay Cutler will start Sunday’s game against the Lions came as a surprise to everyone, especially considering the team initially projected him to miss at least four weeks with a torn groin muscle. (Let this serve as a reminder that medical projections are approximations based on averages, as there is no way to definitively say how long it will take a particular athlete to get past an injury.)

It’s not likely that Cutler is truly 100 percent recovered to the point where there is zero risk of reinjury; he is less than three weeks removed from the original injury, which typically requires more than four weeks to heal. In order for the Bears to arrive at this decision, Cutler had to prove himself healthy enough to perform on the field and, to the best of his ability, protect himself from further injury. He did just that when going through a full practice effort on Thursday.

As ESPN.com’s Jeff Dickerson reported, Trestman credited Cutler with being diligent in his rehab efforts, an often unheralded yet critical component to ensuring the recovery goes smoothly.

“There was an incredible amount of hard work and effort that he had put in to even have a chance,” Trestman said. “We're excited about it. It says a lot about his commitment to the team.”

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