Broken foot to cost d'Arnaud two months

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson announced that catching prospect Travis d'Arnaud has a non-displaced fracture of the first metatarsal (the long bone of the forefoot which connects the midfoot to the big toe) in his left foot and is being further evaluated by team doctors in New York City Friday. According to ESPN New York, D'Arnaud sustained the injury while behind the plate during a Wednesday game and is currently in a walking boot.

D'Arnaud missed a good chunk of last season with a torn PCL in his left knee; now he is contending with another injury to the same side. While the team has not officially listed a timetable, expect d'Arnaud to miss at least two months. There is the matter of the bone healing, which typically takes between four to six weeks. It is critical to regain full range of motion in the foot in order to walk without even a minor compensation. Then there is the return to normal running and baseball activities. Since d'Arnaud is a catcher, his unique position-specific demands place significant load on the first metatarsal. In the crouch position behind the plate, resting with weight shifted forward, there is already load through a catcher's foot. The explosive force necessary to then move quickly to standing translates dynamic stress through the foot and up through the leg. Every pivot or sideshift through the foot places shear on that area of the foot. Even routine running, where the last part of the body to leave the ground is the big toe, places load through the first metatarsal.

If the All-Star Break was a target date for bringing d'Arnaud to the majors, it is certainly no longer automatic.