Bedard, Vlad, Polanco set to return from DL

Despite the fact that this is a big week in the world of potential baseball moves with regards to trades, we will stick to moves addressing those who are coming off and headed to the disabled list. For a pleasant change this week, there are more players rejoining their teams than leaving them, or at least that's how the week is starting out.

Coming back

• The Seattle Mariners will have pitcher Erik Bedard on the mound Friday to face the Tampa Bay Rays, according to the team's website. Bedard has missed four starts while serving time on the DL with a left knee sprain. Perhaps most importantly, the injury was not to Bedard's (left) throwing shoulder, which cost him extensive missed time the past two seasons. The Mariners wisely brought him back slowly from what was reportedly a minor injury, always good insurance for a thrower's arm to ensure no compensations or altered mechanics. Manager Eric Wedge hints at Bedard being on a pitch count in his first appearance but, if all goes well, expect him to go all out from there, either in Seattle or wherever he might land should another team take interest.

• It appears the Baltimore Orioles are about to get DH Vladimir Guerrero back. The Baltimore Sun reports he is with the team in Toronto and is expected to be activated Tuesday. Guerrero has been on the DL since early July, when a small crack was discovered in his right hand after it was hit by a pitch from the Boston Red Sox's Kyle Weiland. He made one rehab game appearance (going 1-for-4) and apparently tolerated it just fine, given that he was quickly moved up. Now we'll see how he adjusts to hitting on a regular basis after some quiet time.

• The New York Yankees will have another veteran back in the mix when Eric Chavez returns. Chavez initially was sidelined in early May with a fractured fifth metatarsal in his left foot (long bone below the fifth toe) but was delayed in his return by kidney stones and a flare-up of back pain. He could provide an option at third or first base, according to The New York Times. Chavez has been no stranger to injuries but appeared to be on track for his healthiest season in several years until the foot seemingly triggered a cascade of unfortunate setbacks. Now is the time for him to step in, especially as Alex Rodriguez continues his rehabilitation after knee surgery.

• Although his return is not set in stone, Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Placido Polanco is hoping to rejoin the team this weekend, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. Similar to his teammate pitcher Roy Oswalt, Polanco was trying to play through disk-related back pain. Also similar to Oswalt, Polanco struggled while hurting, although his issues manifested themselves primarily at the plate. And, like Oswalt, Polanco seems to have benefited from spinal injections to address inflammation. The injections, combined with rest and subsequent rehabilitation, have allowed Polanco to return to the point that he has recently been taking swings of the bat and doing fielding drills. As the Inquirer notes, Polanco says he expects to test his back in minor league play in the next few days, but the Phillies have not yet confirmed a rehab assignment. The challenge will be for Polanco to stay relatively symptom-free once he gets back in regular playing mode.

Going on the DL

• Red Sox outfielder J.D. Drew is expected to head to the disabled list Tuesday because of ongoing issues with his left shoulder. According to MLB.com, manager Terry Francona hopes the rest will help Drew turn the corner. "Hopefully a couple weeks down will do him some good. He can get some strength back in that shoulder", Francona said. Drew is just the latest in Boston's rotating injury carousel.

Odds and ends

• Speaking of Red Sox injuries, Kevin Youkilis is dealing with what the team is calling "tightness" in his right hamstring after an awkward step Monday. He was trying to run out a ground ball in the sixth inning and, in stretching his right leg to get to first, he clearly strained himself. Youkilis limped away immediately into the dugout but did return to play defense in the seventh. He was removed shortly thereafter and is not in the Tuesday lineup. The Red Sox are calling him day-to-day and do not appear to be concerned that he will miss any additional time. Beware the tricky hamstring, though. Fantasy owners should be sure to check before Wednesday games.

San Diego Padres outfielder Cameron Maybin is hoping to avoid the DL after straining his left hip flexor Sunday while running the bases. Manager Bud Black indicated he thought Maybin could avoid the DL, but Maybin was still sore Monday, according to the Padres' website. It sounds as if the team hopes he will not miss more than a few days, but it will be interesting to see just how much even a minor strain affects Maybin's steals. Getting an early jump (and being able to tag up quickly), so critical for effective base stealing, can be slowed if a player can't generate power, something an ailing hip flexor could inhibit. If Maybin indeed returns shortly, it will be worth keeping an eye on whether he's able to get immediately back to what he was doing so effectively before the injury.