Heyward, Soto, Ike Davis sidelined

Tuesday brought more news of injuries in baseball and more potential roster shuffling as a result.

Jason Heyward, OF, Atlanta Braves: After exiting Tuesday night's game early when his symptoms worsened, Heyward revealed that his right shoulder has been giving him some trouble since the last two weeks of spring training.

Heyward's words after the game, reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, gave the clearest picture of what he was experiencing. "It's been bothering me pretty good since spring training, and I've been playing through it, obviously," Heyward said. "But tonight, after my last AB I went to right field and my right hand started going numb. Right now I'd say it's starting to come up my forearm a little bit more, the numbness. The doctor is going to look at me before I go home, and I'm going to get an MRI on my shoulder Thursday."

Perhaps most notable was Heyward's admission that his swing has been affected by this injury since the start of the season. "It's not been a consistent swing," Heyward said. "It hasn't felt good, really, for any consistent period of time." Although he has been playing through the discomfort, Heyward indicated that the condition had taken a turn for the worse recently, with Tuesday being the first time he had experienced any numbness.

As Heyward waits to learn more about what is ailing him, it appears he will not be in the Braves' lineup Wednesday. The presence of numbness hints at nerve involvement, but where the issue is originating from (neck/shoulder/forearm) is the question that needs to be answered. Without knowing the nuances of Heyward's specific signs and symptoms, there can only be speculation as to the source. Rather than go down that path, we will wait with Heyward to see what the results of further testing yield. Fantasy owners should be prepared in the event that Heyward is forced to take some down time, particularly given that his symptoms seem to be going in the wrong direction.

Geovany Soto, C, Chicago Cubs: It's one of the known risks that comes with the position. A catcher, trying to block a ball behind the plate, extends his legs like a wishbone, and, just like the bone after making the wish, one side snaps. Soto was doing just that in the first inning of the Cubs' game against the St. Louis Cardinals and injured his left groin. Manager Mike Quade summed it up simply after the game: "He did the splits to block a ball in the first inning, and the splits were not good." Soto is expected to undergo an MRI on Wednesday, and there is already talk of him hitting the disabled list. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Triple-A catcher Welington Castillo was removed after one at-bat from his minor league game Tuesday night in the event that he is needed in Chicago. A groin strain of even the minor variety makes it difficult to be nimble or powerful behind the plate. The Cubs will have to hope that Soto's injury is indeed minor, but given his position, they are not likely to rush him back into service.

Ike Davis, OF, New York Mets: Thankfully for Davis, the injury he suffered Tuesday night does not appear to be as serious as it could have been. That said, the strained left calf that Davis sustained when he and teammate David Wright collided while trying to make a play might cause him to miss some time. According to the New York Daily News, Davis was in a protective boot after the game and still in pain. How Davis feels when he takes his first steps Wednesday likely will indicate whether this injury will sideline him for any length of time.

Update: ESPN New York's Adam Rubin reports that Davis returned to New York on Wednesday for an MRI on his calf. Davis did not seem overly concerned and said, "I don't feel like it's that bad." The test results along with how Davis progresses in the next couple of days will indicate whether the injury will sideline him for any time.

David Aardsma, RP, Seattle Mariners: On Tuesday, we noted that Aardsma had undergone an MRI on his stiff right (throwing) forearm. Later that night, we learned that Aardsma has a Grade 2 ulnar collateral ligament sprain and will be traveling to see Dr. Lewis Yocum for consultation. Whatever medical plans are in Aardsma's immediate future remains to be seen, but he won't be pitching anytime soon. This is indeed a tough break for a guy who was nearing a return to the mound following a January labral repair in his left hip.