Podcast: Is something wrong with Pujols?

Look, if you're reading the SweetSpot blog then you, like all of us, probably love the work of David Schoenfield. Guess what, Schoenfield drove today's Baseball Today podcast with me, so you probably don't even need five other reasons why you should listen ... but I'll give them anyway:

1. There really is no bedtime for East Coast baseball fans, so if a game is going on well into the morning, face it, we're gonna watch. Even if Daisuke Matsuzaka is the one pitching.

2. You know Zack Greinke didn't have his stuff when a certain Atlanta Brave took him deep. OK, so that's mean, but we also give credit to the underrated pitcher who dominated Brewers hitters.

3. New contributor Jim Bowden -- you'll hear him on the Baseball Today podcast at some point! -- wrote about potential Jose Reyes trade partners, and Dave and I ruminate on the options.

4. Stick a fork in that Albert Pujols guy, way over the hill at 31. OK, I can't make that case, but is he trending downward? Also, which team's 3-4-5 part of the lineup is the best?

5. Indians and Mariners fever, catch it. Just how many games can these teams win? Can they really contend? I say one of them can, and I bet you can't guess which team it is!

Plus: Excellent emails, cameras on umpires, the pain of watching Jonathan Broxton, the joy of Shaun Marcum, the statistical evidence for David Price and against John Lannan and much more on a Cinco de Mayo edition of Baseball Today! And did I mention Schoenfield is on the show?