Links: Big day for K.C. as Hosmer gets call

  • It's a big day for the Royals as prized first-base prospect Eric Hosmer gets called up. Craig Brown at Royals Authority looks at the issues surrounding Hosmer's promotion, including his future arbitration status. I think, in the end, if a player is ready, he's ready. The Mariners had to leave spring training with Michael Pineda in their rotation because he was clearly one of their best pitchers. In the end, this game is still about winning and the Royals believe Hosmer will give them a better chance to do that. Look, I'm skeptical about the Royals' chances, even with the 17-14 start and even in the AL Central, but stranger things have happened.

  • Our friends at Crashburn Alley and Capitol Avenue Club preview the big Philles-Braves series. As I mentioned in a previous post, the Phillies' next 20 games are against winning clubs, after an easy first 30 games. This will be an interesting stretch.

  • I think a running theme this season will be the continuing decline on offense. Dave Cameron of ESPN Insider has another piece of the puzzle: The diminishing power numbers of left fielders, who are hitting a collectively awful .226/.298/.340.

  • An interesting piece over at Baseball Prospectus if you're a Bill James fan: A professional statistician analyzes Bill James the statistician.

  • Buster Olney suggests on Mike & Mike that Derek Jeter should volunteer to move down in the order. I wrote this the other day. The Rays are now only 1 game behind the Yankees and the pressure on Joe Girardi will continue to build unless Jeter, you know, actually hits a ball hard sometime soon.

  • Baseball Time in Arlington wonders what the Rangers will do with their rotation once Tommy Hunter returns.

  • Jerry Springer tells Page 2 how the Yankees saved his life. Yes, really.

  • Great post from Uni Watch guru Paul Lukas on the Dodgers once wearing some funky spring training uniforms.