Podcast: Friday the 13th edition

Despite it being Friday the 13th, Mark Simon and I were able to enjoy Friday's Baseball Today podcast with nothing going wrong and no disasters ... we think you'll even enjoy the show, for the following reasons:

1. Carlos Beltran and James Shields each shined Thursday for Mark's favorite teams, and we discuss their interesting progress and futures.

2. An emailer asks us how great Beltran could have been if healthy, leading us to discuss players hampered by injury, from Ken Griffey Jr. to a few 1970s Houston Astros. Sounds like a future SweetSpot blog to me, eh Schoenfield!

3. Why offense is really down this season, and a look at the hitters currently under the Mendoza line. David Wright isn't one of them, but we discuss him anyway.

4. Mark gives a terrific explanation of the different eras in baseball history, though the actual start of a recent troublesome era isn't so clear cut.

5. Every weekend is a big weekend in baseball, but we do our best to highlight the most important series to keep an eye on, the interesting pitching matchups, and it's not all about Red Sox-Yankees.

Plus: Excellent emails, ballpark clothing etiquette for rooting for a team that isn't playing, why Jason Vargas of the Seattle Mariners could have gone 10 innings Thursday, the awesome Eric Hosmer and his weekend challenge, plus a story that rivals the one told by Steve Berthiaume a week ago. All this on Friday's Baseball Today podcast!