Podcast: Phillies still top power rankings

Here are the top five reasons why Monday's Baseball Today podcast with Keith Law and me is a must-listen:

1. Posada-gate is hopefully over, but who was right, who was wrong and why will it be so much worse when one of Jorge's teammates keeps declining?

2. Cleveland Indians fans still don't like it, but the best team in baseball record-wise gets dubious respect in our Power Rankings. We explain, while showing the AL East love.

3. Can a team with Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau and Joe Nathan really be the worst in baseball? If that trio isn't contributing at a high level, you betcha.

4. We react to the SweetSpot blog about the new best rivalry in baseball with some skepticism, but then again, it's an interesting issue, especially defining the word rivalry.

5. We talk about the best hitter in baseball -- you did see all the home runs this weekend, right? -- and check back with our feelings on the noteworthy offseason contract.

Plus: Excellent emails, how I love the old 1970s uniforms, the Braves' outlook with Chipper's knee tear, analyzing the percentages on catchers throwing out basestealers. David Price is dealing with his fastball and poor Brandon League had a week to forget ... all this on Monday's Baseball Today!