Podcast: Giambi, interleague play, and more

Many cool, interesting topics were discussed on Friday's wacky, wonderful Baseball Today podcast with myself and Mark Simon, among them:

1. Jason Giambi goes all Babe Ruth on the Phillies, which of course came totally expected from a guy who had never hit three home runs in a game before, and barely plays. Do we blame it all on Kyle Kendrick?

2. The Seattle Mariners win in sun-off fashion -- is it really a walk-off? -- against Torii Hunter, Scott Downs and the Angels. Look, sometimes life and the box scores just aren’t fair, folks.

3. Perhaps you're not a fan of interleague play, but find out which one of us loves it and which one merely likes it and why. OK, I can't wait, it's awesome, but Mark and I explain why.

4. Former pitcher Esteban Yan continues to get more attention from our show than he probably ever got when he was an active player, but hey, he did something historic, and we can't stop discussing it!

5. We describe the pitching matchup of the weekend, which creates a potentially difficult situation for our Mets, um, Rays fan.

Plus excellent emails as always, Mark has some homework for Monday, Dillon Gee is compared to a former New York Met, if history is a guide, Albert Pujols should see his numbers spike this weekend and we remind you what Mark Quinn and Adam Greenberg did, all on a packed Friday Baseball Today! Enjoy your weekend!