Friday Filberts

Today's links are supposed to be just a little bit scary, but probably aren't.

  • Baseball's most underrated player? Aaron Gleeman makes the case for Chase Utley, and I couldn't agree more. Granted, "underrated" is purely subjective (though it doesn't have to be). But look at the names around Utley, and tell me if all of them don't get more attention than him.

  • Yes, of course it was dumb for Derek Jeter to bunt with two strikes and he's happy to admit that. But was it also dumb for Jeter to be bunting in the first place? I sure thought so. But Dave Cameron says that with Mariano Rivera warming up in the bullpen, bunting was the smart move.

  • Speaking of the ol' sacrifice, Mitchel Lichtman offers a primer (but don't bother unless you've got a few minutes).

  • Where does all this end, eventually? I don't mean to draw some overarching conclusion from the actions of one misguided jury, but I do wonder if team sports might simply be legislated (or sued) out of existence in my lifetime.

  • Phil Hughes hasn't pitched well lately, but at least he's saying all the right things.

  • The noise level in Yankee Stadium, according to an anonymous Phillie? Crickets.

  • wezen-ball on blown umpires' calls through the decades, as only he can do it.

  • The Onion on silly baseball fans, as only they can do it.