Podcast: James Shields for AL Cy Young?

If you're a Cleveland Indians fan you'll probably enjoy Monday's Baseball Today podcast with myself and energetic Mark Simon, but here are some other reasons to listen as well:

1. It's Power Rankings day, and we discuss the Indians sweeping their Ohio rivals, as well as other teams rising and falling. Plus, perhaps Asdrubal Cabrera really can keep this going.

2. The three-game soccer matches between the Phillies and Rangers are over, so now it's time for a few of their best hitters to return. Man, those teams really should feel good to be in first place.

3. We can't imagine what Cubs outfielder Marlon Byrd is going through after taking a pitch in the face, but we root for his return. Also, more on the Cubs-Red Sox series, and why it stinks one of those teams couldn't have gotten 10 hits!

4. Nice going, Fred Wilpon. A frustrated Simon discusses recent quotes from the Mets owner, and the effect they'll have on an already hurting baseball team.

5. James Shields as American League Cy Young winner? Don't laugh, don't look at his 2010 stats, just enjoy.

Plus: Excellent emails, Rafael Palmeiro's other place in history, how we'll remember Kirk Saarloos, what to watch on Monday night and really, so much more all on Monday's Baseball Today!