Podcast: Discussing the Posey situation

Here are the top five reasons why Thursday's Coffee Talk, um, Baseball Today podcast with myself and Keith Law had all the emotions, from serious to silly and all between, and why you should listen:

1. It's a shame Buster Posey's season ended Wednesday night, but would there be calls to change the rules if it was someone else? We attack all angles of this situation.

2 Wilson Valdez saves the Phillies in the 19th inning! We discuss a very long game, the good, bad and unfortunate.

3. How can we avoid the Brewers being on fire? Well, we have reasons, but we deal with them today.

4. European baseball players and the "Big Whack": discuss. No, I can't discuss but this is right up Law's alley, and I learned something.

5. There will be much fun at Coors Field today. There generally is when Micah Owings is pitching ... and hitting!

Plus: Excellent emails, Oakland's offensive help in the minors, taking advantage of defensive shifts (or not) and even a little Mets talk in a Yankees-free but still crazy and wild Baseball Today podcast for Thursday!