Monday Mendozas

Today's links were wrestled to the ground while I wondered if it would be poor form to revisit what I've been writing about Brad Lidge since late August:

* According to Cliff Lee, he was willing to start Game 4 on short rest. Apparently Lee told Charlie Manuel this after Manuel left him in Game 1 to throw 122 pitches and protect a six-run lead in the ninth inning. Just saying.

* Hey, give Derek Jeter the Hank Aaron Award. Clay Zavada has won a far, far more prestigious honor.

* You know I'm not usually much for gossip and innuendo and whatnot. Still, no matter how many big hits he comes up with, you have to admit this is really, really funny.

* I was going to save this until tomorrow (or Wednesday), but given the state of affairs in the World Series this morning, there's a pretty good chance that we won't see Pedro Martinez again in 2009. So, here you go.

* Still, there's a tiny bit of good news for the Phillies: Melky Cabrera probably won't be available to the Yankees in Game 5. Joe Girardi is making noises about starting Jerry Hairston Jr. (again), mostly because Brett Gardner is an offensive zero against left-handed pitchers (let alone left-handed pitchers like Lee). Not that Hairston's much better, even against the lefties ...

* Should Cole Hamels have said he can't wait for this season to end? No, probably not. But can you really blame a guy for expressing his true feelings? Well, you can if you're a Phillies fan. Or Manuel. I wouldn't, but if I were Manuel I might be considering my non-Hamels options on the off-chance there's a Game 7.

* Regarding Joe Girardi's various mistakes in Game 4, MGL is absolutely right. I just hope Girardi doesn't take winning the World Series as an excuse to stop thinking. Because he's still got a lot to learn.