Podcast: Was Sabean out of line?

We finish the week as we do every Friday, with a packed Baseball Today podcast hosted by myself and Mark Simon dealing with many factors and looking ahead to a fun weekend. Here are a few highlights from Friday:

1. San Francisco Giants GM Brian Sabean goes off on the man who ended his catcher's season, and Mark and I agree it doesn't seem like the wisest course of action.

2. So much for matchup of star pitchers in Seattle Thursday, as Felix Hernandez was terrific but James Shields must have missed the memo. How should we view Shields' outing?

3. We debate stars versus superstars, trying to define what these words mean and which players fall into which categories. You might be surprised!

4. Seems like the three-homer games are in vogue now, as Aubrey Huff was the latest to pull off the accomplishment. Who's next? And no, taking Joey Bats or Joey Votto is too easy. Mark and I go off the grid for unlikely names.

5. There are a few series this weekend matching winning teams (in terms of record), so we analyze the ones you shouldn't be missing ... and of course the Mets play the Braves on Sunday night. That was for you, Mark!

Plus: Excellent emails discussing sabermetricians, more on our franchise draft picks, snobs versus dorks, reaching base after "fowling" a ball off yourself, and so much more we could barely get it all in before we lost our voices. Check out Friday's Baseball Today!