Podcast: Draft preview, Power Rankings

Here are the top five reasons why you really must download, listen to and follow to the letter Monday's Baseball Today podcast with myself and Mark "Mr. Negative" Simon:

1. Former GM and current ESPN contributor Jim Bowden talks about Monday's draft, from the influence general managers have (or don't have) to the current GMs to watch this week. Bowden’s interviews are, by the way, really good.

2. Mark finally gets to Citi Field this past weekend to see his beloved --although it sounds like he's saying depressing -- Mets, and shares tales from the visit, including a very superstitious hat!

3. It's Power Rankings day, and let's just say I totally regret jumping on the bandwagon of a certain team a few weeks ago. Naturally, Mark doesn't really agree. We reveal each of our top 10s.

4. More discussion and numerous emails about our "stars versus superstars" discussion, and while I'm shocked which side most people seem to be on with the defending NL MVP, I guess I understand it. Hey, let’s ask grandma (listen and you’ll understand the reference!).

5. Ted Lilly versus Adam Dunn: Who's the better hitter? OK, so there's no real debate there, but there is a similarity, and let’s just say one of their performances is pretty annoying.

Plus: Excellent emails, Bill Dickey stands alone, trivia on the Dodgers-Phillies playoff history, focus on the interesting pitching matchups of Monday and really, so much more on a packed Baseball Today!