Podcast: Special guest ... Mike Schmidt!

Wednesday's Baseball Today was one to remember for me, as Hall of Fame third baseman Mike Schmidt was the special guest in studio. Needless to say, this was not a short interview. Then again, I was also joined by SweetSpot editor/writer David Schoenfield. Wow, two Hall of Famers on one show! Here's why you should listen:

SchmidtSchmidt1. When Mr. Schmidt talks, perk up your ears. We talked about the current state of the game, the Hall of Famers that probably will not be joining him in Cooperstown, the kids that don't always listen and, of course, booing. Don't miss it.

2. The Dodgers unveiled a few future stars in Philly on Tuesday -- or will they be superstars? -- and Dave and I discuss Dee Gordon and Rubby De La Rosa ... as well as a fading Roy Oswalt.

3. Was Tuesday night the beginning of the end for the Yankees' Freddy Garcia? It's amazing how one outing can change opinions so quickly. On the positive side, the best is yet to come for a Boston pitcher.

4. The state of the Cubs is not a positive one. A beleaguered emailer searches for hope in a world that doesn't offer much for Cubs faithful. Though we did try.

5. Wednesday's ESPN game pits survivors Tim Wakefield versus A.J. Burnett, and each looks legitimate. However, tune in to see what we picked as the night's top pitching matchup, and whether there will be a bit of Bryce Harper-like retribution.

Plus: Excellent emails, Chipper Jones criticizes Jason Heyward, attendance problems, Vin Mazzaro, why hitting in the NL East is just awful, why Alex Avila is a stud, more stars versus superstars debate with a Jack Nicholson theme and really, so much more. Listen to Wednesday's Baseball Today!