Twitterview with Peter Moylan

It would be difficult to find a major league player who took a more unusual route to the big leagues than Braves reliever Peter Moylan. Born in Attadale, Western Australia, the 32-year-old Moylan first signed with the Twins in 1996 but was released in 1998. Out of professional baseball, Moylan worked as a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company and pitched for an Australian club team. Despite two separate surgeries to repair a bulging disc in his back, Moylan eventually pitched his way onto Australia's World Baseball Classic team with a new sidearm delivery that suddenly had him throwing 95-mph fastballs. In a game against Venezuela, this Aussie who was now literally throwing from Down Under, struck out four major league stars in a 1 2/3-inning relief appearance. The Braves signed him and he made his major league debut with Atlanta later that year.

Designated Twitter logoAfter 80 appearances out of the Atlanta bullpen in 2007, Moylan was back under the knife, this time for Tommy John surgery. He came back to make 172 appearances for Atlanta over the following two seasons before a third back surgery was required earlier this year. Currently rehabbing on the 60-day disabled list and scheduled to return later this summer, Moylan has also become a frequent Twitter user and recently drew attention when he tweeted a picture of his fiancée and then himself modeling black cocktail dresses in preparation to attend the ESPY Awards. Moylan joined me for an interview via Twitter; as many of his fans followed, we had this conversation. It's the Peter Moylan Twitterview, in 140 characters or fewer.

SB: Let's get right to it with the most critical question: How long have you been dressing in women's clothes?

PM: I'd be lying if I said that was a first. I did it once before for a laugh. I can say that this time got a little more attn.

SB: Ha! What as the other time?

PM: It was actually for my clubs presentation night back home in Australia. About 13 years ago. FYI I looked better this time

SB: Your fiancée got a lot of attention, too! How is she handling it?

PM: shes a woman. Is there such a thing as to much attention? She loved it. It just proved what I have been telling her for eva

SB: What have you been telling her?

PM: that she is smokin!!!

SB: She did look lovely. You both did. How did you wrangle an invite to the ESPY awards?

PM: One of your boys from ESPN Australia did a story on me last year. He called me and asked if I would like to go. I thought he was messing with me at first. But he said it was real so I'm pumped.

SB: Any celebrity or athlete you'd like to try and meet?

PM: I'm gonna try not to be that guy, but if the opportunity to meet some superstars presents itself, I'm gonna jump in

SB: You once shaved only the top of your head like a cue ball. Picture looked great. What was the motivation for that?

PM: haha, it was to get a rally going, we were still in the race and needed some wins. It didn't work!

SB: It was a bold statement, though. Good to know you can pull it off, if your hair goes sometime down the road!

PM: what do you mean if, im going bald!!

SB: Well, not yet! As far as we can tell anyway...

PM: I'm a master of disguise.

SB: Well, it's hard to disguise the tattoos on your arms. You've no skin left showing! Is there a story there?

PM: I have my 2 daughters names on my forearms, my mom loves flowers, hence the flowers. I love the ocean, hence the waves and the fleur de lis

SB: Fleur de lis is kind of a French thing. For an Australian?

PM: Is for my fiancee who is from New Orleans. My girl is from New Orleans!!

SB: Ah-ha, got it. Good call. Any other tattoos anywhere you'd care to divulge?

PM: I have the southern cross from the Australian flag on my back! It needs to be redone but it means a lot too.

SB: Your Twitter Profile says ur "Just an Aussie Bloke living the American Dream." How does U.S. life compare to Aussie?

PM: it's similar. You guys talk funny! I can stroll around Australia and will not get recognized 1 time. People are a little more laid back in Oz. But I love living over here. I am so fortunate but will never forget where I'm from

SB: You drew attention at the '06 WBC when you K'd Bobby Abreu, Marco Scutaro & Magglio Ordonez. What was that day like?

PM: Man how long have u got? I had set myself a goal to make the AU WBC team, so to that point it was my single greatest baseball moment. I never would have thought it would lead to the career I have had so far. This has all been icing on the cake.

SB: How did you develop your sidearm delivery?

PM: purely accident, would you believe I was just messing around in the outfield with my buddies one day? If felt pretty good so I took it to the mound. Do you believe in fate or destiny?

SB: Didn't Curt Schilling say they were exotic dancers? How big an adjustment was it for you to throw that way?

PM: I'm sure he did. I wouldn't put it past my buddies though. Throwing once a week in OZ didn't take much getting used to. It wasn't till I pitched my first full season that I started to learn how to pitch and realize that I'd just been throwing.

SB: Almost done. You've had 3 back operations and Tommy John surgery. What has that been like for you?

PM: this year has been frustrating, my last back surgery lasted 9 years without proper rehab so I'm guessing I will get more out of this one. I love nothing more than competing.

SB: As a follower, I've noticed your Twitter frequency has skyrocketed since your back surgery last month. You addicted?

PM: totally addicted. It's great to chat with fans and I even enjoy the Philly fans on here. It helps me stay in touch with thing going on back home too.

SB: What do the Phillies fans have to say to you?

PM: less than what u would think. It's usually a standings reminder. But my boys are working on that. I'm no LOMO.

SB: Logan Morrison @LoMoMarlins isn't your Twitter role model?

PM: he's great. I'm just saying he gets enough abuse for the both of us

SB: There are Twitter T-shirts printed with your face on them saying, "Chicks Dig the Ground Ball." Do they?

PM: hahaha, mine does!!!

SB: Thanks Peter, appreciate your participating in the Twitterview! Hope to see you back out there in August, hopefully?

PM: 100% I will be back. Thanks mate

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