Podcast: Red Sox best team in baseball?

Here are some of the many reasons why you should listen to Friday’s Baseball Today, hosted by me and Mark Simon:

1. We start with the biggest series of the week, and it wasn’t Nats-Pads. The Yankees relief corps is a mess, and it’s not so easy to get help, while the Red Sox are ... well, just terrific.

2. Speaking of a mess, the Oakland Athletics haven’t won in a while, and we follow up with Mark about the change of managers and how sad it is that players he didn’t bring in haven’t worked out.

3. We discuss the best show on television in "Baseball Tonight" ("Glee" comes in a close second place) as Mark describes in detail the cool new feature on the show and its applications.

4. How soon do you forgive a player on your favorite team when he historically messes up? We talk Kenny Rogers, Mitch Williams, Bill Buckner ... and tweet us your feedback at @msimonespn and @karabellespn!

5. Every weekend is an important one, and we each identify the series we think have some extra meaning. For me, a certain AL Central team really needs to start playing better.

Plus: Excellent emails, talkin’ food at certain ballparks, some really cool stats that Mark had to look up and hey, Eduardo, we’ll miss you and wish you well. All this and more as we head to the weekend on Friday’s Baseball Today. Be safe!