Podcast: Is Verlander best in baseball?

Excellent work by the entire crew on Wednesday's Baseball Today podcast, as me, Keith Law and producer Jason Soderberg worked in perfect harmony to create a winning show ... well, it wasn't a bad show, and here are some of the reasons why!

1. A trio of right-handed American League starters threw shutouts Tuesday, but one of them stands out just a bit, and we discuss whether he's the best pitcher in the game.

2. Wait a minute: The Yankees put a critical player on the disabled list and still scored 12 runs? Impossible! Sarcasm aside (but not really), we discuss.

3. Poor Scott Kazmir's career has really taken a turn, so we reminisce about the good ol' days ... there were good ol' days, you know.

4. The Grandy Man and Joey Bats are locked in a duel for home run supremacy, and their plate approach has actually been a bit more similar than one might think.

5. Which team is more likely to pull a San Diego Padres and contend this entire season? Is it the Cleveland Indians? Let's just say SweetSpot editor/writer Dave Schoenfield -- he's co-hosting Thursday's show by the way! -- will be very interested ...

Plus: Excellent emails, more Twins and Justin Morneau talk, where MLB expansion could be headed, Dayan Viciedo's defensive prowess and really, so much more on Wednesday's Baseball Today podcast!