Podcast: Red Sox top Power Rankings

Eric Karabell is off somewhere working on his tan this week, so Monday's Baseball Today podcast features myself and Mark Simon discussing all kinds of interesting news. Plus, it's Power Rankings day, so here are five reasons this is a can't-miss episode:

1. Albert Pujols' injury and how it affects the Cardinals and the NL Central.

2. We discuss Johnny Damon's weekend feat and whether he has any kind of Hall of Fame case.

3. The American League continues to dominate interleague play and we're tired of National League fans making excuses.

4. Mark and I agree on our top three teams in this week's Power Rankings, even if Phillies fans will disagree.

5. Mark explains why Brett Gardner is one of the most underrated players in baseball.

Plus: Excellent emails, the return of Jack McKeon to the Marlins, some talk about defensive metrics, maybe the best uniform in baseball, superstitions and a look ahead to Monday's games, all on Monday's Baseball Today podcast! Check out all the podcasts at ESPNRadio.com/podcenter.