The most obvious quote of the season

Headline from the Seattle Times: Chone Figgins says he feels out of rhythm on offense and defense.

Figgins had another game Wednesday that sent Mariners fans into Twitter outrage. His error led to one unearned run and he ended the game by striking out on three pitches -- all looking. The Mariners lost 2-1.

It's time to end Figgins' relationship with the Mariners. He's been bad for a season and a half -- .239/.312/.291 since joining the Mariners, including an abysmal .190/.238/.254 this season. He can't hit, has no power, has quit walking (once his main offensive skill), has been caught stealing six times in 14 attempts, gets booed mercilessly at home and can't field anymore. The $17 million he's owed in 2012 and 2013? It's a sunk cost. He's done. Don't make your team worse by continuing to play him.

Chone, you were an annoying pest when you played for the Angels. Now you're just annoying.

UPDATE: Mariners manager Eric Wedges says he's going "to sit him down for several days now ... likely more."

I'm banking on the "more."