Podcast: Problems with Reds, Brewers

On Thursday's Baseball Today podcast, Keith Law explains his problems with North Carolina barbeque. But there is plenty of excellent baseball talk as well, including:

1. How good is Chris Heisey and should Dusty Baker be playing him every day? Plus, the moves the Reds should be looking to make.

2. Shaun Marcum leaves another start early... and other issues with the Brewers.

3. Is Bryce Harper's strikeout a problem?

4. Are the Orioles underachieving? Some talk about the O's and the disappointing years from Matt Wieters and Nick Markakis.

5. Should the Mariners be careful with how many innings they give Michael Pineda?

Plus: Emails, Ricky Romero, College World Series talk and more! Check it all our podcasts at the Baseball Today podcast page.