Podcast: Riggleman, Oswalt, blue eyes

Mark Simon and Steve Berthiaume hosted Friday's Baseball Today podcast. Was there news to talk about? Yes, there was. Mark and Steve discuss:

1. Jim Riggleman's resignation. Steve talked with Jim on "Baseball Tonight." Mark and Steve also discuss Davey Johnson as the possible interim replacement.

2. Roy Oswalt's bad back forced him to leave the Phillies game early. What's the potential impact here?

3. Jose Bautista moves to third, Josh Hamilton's blue eyes, Daniel Hudson and the staying power of the Diamondbacks.

4. Steve discusses his SweetSpot piece about the Rays. Yes, Rays fans are not too happy with him.

5. Curt Schilling's idea for a new pitching stat.

Plus: Excellent emails, J.D. Drew, radar guns for infielders, weekend preview and much more, all on Friday's Baseball Today podcast!