Podcast: All-Star rosters, Ortiz to 1B

Each time myself and SweetSpot blogger/editor Dave Schoenfield sit down to talk baseball, it's memorable. You should have heard us at lunch today! Before lunch we recorded Wednesday's Baseball Today podcast in the bucolic Bristol studio, which we present to you with these highlights ...

1. So, Cliff Lee, that's all you got? A two-hit shutout against baseball's top scoring team? Orel Hershiser laughs at you!

2. So, Zack Greinke, that's all you got? Milwaukee's best wasn't so best on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium, but should Brewers fans worry?

3. Who should start at third base for the National League in the All-Star game? Should Washington's Danny Espinosa be the starter at second base? We discuss the Midsummer Classic!

4. Should the Red Sox rearrange their defense to get David Ortiz in the lineup, thus shifting Adrian Gonzalez to right field? You might be surprised at the debate.

5. It doesn't get any better than John Lackey versus Vance Worley. OK, perhaps it does, and despite Lackey-Worley being the ESPN featured game, we acknowledge some other top pitching matchups!

Plus: Excellent emails, more McCourt/Dodgers talk, which teams are clearly deadline sellers, which teams can actually score runs and really, so much more that I can't even list it all here ... check out Wednesday's Baseball Today!