Podcast: Jeter, Jurrjens and Joel Hanrahan

Here are some excellent reasons to check out Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast with me and Keith Law discussing everything but the Roger Clemens trial (for a reason), including …

1. Derek Jeter got a hit, and we applaud him for that, but what the starting pitchers did in the Yankees-Tribe game was far more interesting in the big picture.

2. Jair Jurrjens continues to amaze, but just how sustainable are his numbers? Also, we discuss why wins are not what pitchers should be judged on. Oddly enough, these conversations go hand in hand.

3. Aroldis Chapman saved Wednesday’s game for the Reds, but how should his very formidable left arm be handled moving forward? Keith states his case.

4. In a surprising development, a debate about the worthiness of relief pitchers on the All-Star team suddenly occurred. Is Joel Hanrahan All-Star-worthy or not?

5. Is there such a thing as being a clutch baseball player? Keith explains why it’s different between hitters and pitchers.

Plus: Excellent emails, mound maturity, a potential Padres-Phillies trade and cementing a World Series, old-time rappers, more of America’s Team (Pirates) on TV and a look at Thursday’s schedule, all on the latest Baseball Today podcast. Check out all the podcasts at the podcenter.