My humblest apology

I have some information, along with an apology.

From Bob Dutton, the information:

    Rumors suggest the Royals are seeking to swing a deal with the Dodgers to acquire catcher A.J. Ellis for second baseman Alberto Callaspo. If true, financial benefits would be down the road. Callaspo should reach arbitration eligibility after next season, but Ellis not until after 2011 at the earliest.

From me, the apology ...

Monday, I wrote this:

    Bob Dutton says the Royals need a new catcher, and that they might be hot for 28-year-old A.J. Ellis. Let's see ... Catcher? Check. Career .278 on-base percentage in the minors? Check! He'll fit in perfectly on this squad.

Typically snarky of me, when writing about the Royals. Yes, if any franchise deserves snarkiness it's the Royals, whose front-office bumblings have been essentially unmatched over the past 20 years. I've written many dozens of terrible things about the Royals over that span, and the only thing I've ever regretted is that a few times when I ripped the foolish general manager I probably should have been blasting the idiotic owner.

In this particularly case, though? I was dead wrong. Acquiring A.J. Ellis wouldn't really do much for the Royals, but he might be exactly the sort of player the OBP-starved Royals should be hunting for. Because .278 is not his career on-base percentage in the minors; that's his career batting average. Ellis' career OBP is actually a quite-brilliant .398 ... and in two Triple-A seasons it's actually a sublime .437.

Granted, Ellis is far too old for a real prospect, and in both his Triple-A seasons he was just a part-time player, totaling only 174 games. But on the off-chance the Royals actually acquire Ellis, we might at least entertain the notion that general manager Dayton Moore has begun to realize that it's difficult to score runs if nobody's actually, you know, on base to begin with.

Oh, I almost forgot ... I'm sorry.