Podcast: Shortstops, All-Stars and more

We close the week of Baseball Today podcasts as Mark Simon and I discuss many matters of fun and importance, both on and off the diamond, including these:

1. Both New York shortstops are obviously in the news, and we clarify our opinions on each of them moving ahead, one toward history and another to a potentially lengthy absence.

2. There's a new Angel in the outfield, as baseball's top prospect has been summoned to the big leagues. We discuss his impact, if any, and also run through the all-fish team. Corny? Eh, what else did you expect from us?

3. From Shane Victorino to Joel Hanrahan and who closes for the American League next week, we continue with our All-Star coverage.

4. Travis Hafner's memorable blast sent the Indians to an improbable victory … and I loved every minute of it.

5. Braves-Phillies might be the signature series in baseball this weekend, but it's not the only one to watch. I'm keeping my eye out in Cali for what the Seattle Mariners do.

Plus: Excellent emails, All-Star Game intentional walks, the most effective strikeout pitches -- not pitchers -- in the game, some ridiculous questions and so much more on Friday's Baseball Today podcast. Check out all the podcasts at the podcenter!