Podcast: All-Stars, absences and A-Rod

There are no breaks for the Baseball Today podcast, as there is plenty to discuss on Monday’s show with Mark Simon and I, including these hot topics:

JeterJeter1.The Captain gets to 3,000 hits in memorable fashion, and while only one of us was at the stadium to see it, we each celebrated in different ways.

2. Of course, since this is the Yankees, not all the news was positive. The guy that makes his living to Derek Jeter’s right won’t be doing so for awhile. Are the Yankees in trouble?

3. Does anyone really want to play in the All-Star Game? At times, like over the past week or so, it’s been difficult to tell. We debate a player’s obligation to perform and anxiously await our invites!

4. It’s Power Rankings day! We stack ‘em up 1-through-10 in different ways, and discuss how strength of schedule plays a role.

5. Who’s going to win the home run derby? We preview the event!

Plus: Excellent emails, beanballs and beanbrawls, birthdays and so much more all on Monday’s Baseball Today podcast! Check out all the podcasts at the podcenter!