Are 84 All-Stars too many? Maybe not

There has been a lot of discussion that with all the injured players, replacement players and players who just decided not to play in the game, that 84 All-Stars is too many. Of major leaguers who have received 100 plate appearances or pitched at least 20 innings, 12.3 percent are 2011 All-Stars. Seems high, doesn't it?

However ... the Common Man and Bill over at the Platoon Advantage took a historical look at the size of All-Star rosters and you may be surprised to discover that 84 All-Stars -- as a percentage of the number of regulars in the league -- isn't that high of a percentage. For example, in 1959 63 of 322 regulars were All-Stars, or 19.6 percent of the league. Check out their piece here.