Podcast: D-backs All-Star Justin Upton

I quite enjoyed Tuesday’s energetic Baseball Today podcast with Keith Law, as we discussed numerous topics of interest, among them the following:

1. Arizona Diamondbacks All-Star outfielder Justin Upton joined us to discuss his and his team’s performance this season, his acting ability and much more.

2. As for the Home Run Derby, one of us watched it and discusses why the father-son theme was prevalent and exciting. The other, well, got caught in traffic.

3. Both of us saw the Futures Game on Sunday, and the one who was on hand shares some of his thoughts about the kids that will, in my words, be blowing off future All-Star games. (Sarcasm rocks!)

4. Just a few days after making history, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is getting flak for something else … we banter on but do we defend The Captain?

5. Find out where our comprehensive preview of Tuesday’s game takes us! Kevin Correia had better put on a show!

Plus: Excellent emails, more strength of schedule, must-read baseball books and much more on Tuesday’s audibly pleasing Baseball Today podcast!