Podcast: Are Rays buyers or sellers?

As we all recover from a terrific sports weekend, Mark Simon and I discuss pertinent baseball matters on Monday’s Baseball Today podcast, led by these topics:

1. The Boston Red Sox finally scored and the overmatched Tampa Bay Rays finally lost, but in the end we discuss a tweet from Joe Maddon.

2. Are the Rays buyers or sellers with less than two weeks to the trading deadline? We delve through some of the interesting teams and their needs.

3. If it’s Monday then it’s time for Power Rankings, and as always we differ on the top team. I’ve got a sub-.500 team in my top 10!

4. Asdrubal Cabrera keeps showing up in the Web Gems portion of "Baseball Tonight," but would you believe he’s not actually having a great defensive season?

5. We talk baseball clich├ęs, percentage of doubles for overall hits and whether All-Star selections matter for Hall of Fame consideration. If you’ve forgotten, send emails to baseballtoday@espnradio.com.

Plus: Jim Thome goes really, really deep, we look ahead to Monday’s schedule and we wish Nolan Ryan good health, all in Monday’s Baseball Today podcast!