Podcast: The worst manager in baseball

Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast hosted by me and Keith Law was packed with information about the great game and included these topics:

1. Very interesting results from Monday night, from the way Yankees-Rays ended to the Triple-A Twins getting swept and baseball’s top pitcher succumbing to the heat.

2. Nice job by the Orioles preventing runs on Monday, but then the topic shifted to their young man behind the plate ...

3. Ryan Vogelsong wasn’t supposed to be leading the NL in ERA, but he is. Klaw pushes the proverbial pin in the balloon, but I attempt to debate the success story.

4. Speaking of negativity -- or is it realism? -- the conversation turns to America’s Team, also known as the first-place Buccos! Can it last? Is it good for baseball if it does last? It’s a war of words!

5. Colby Rasmus of the Cardinals is either a huge disappointment or doing just fine … discuss. We did!

Plus: Excellent emails, poor Alex Torres, interesting Paul Goldschmidt, struggling youngsters and Klaw eagerly names the worst manager in baseball, all on a packed Tuesday Baseball Today podcast!