Podcast: Bowden talks trade deadline

Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast is a packed one with special guests Jim Bowden and David Schoenfield helping me and the show reach utter greatness! Among the topics discussed today ...

1. The San Francisco Giants made a trade Tuesday, but as Bowden notes, it wasn’t their biggest move of the day. We get the GM’s angle to trading and dealing with struggling minor leaguers and veteran loyalty.

2. Bowden’s recent blog entry about all 30 general managers sparked discussion as well. Which GM is really on the spot in the next two weeks? The answer might surprise you!

3. Is it good or bad if America’s Team wins the NL Central? I’m shocked -- shocked, I tell ya! -- at the direction this theme is going! Chime in!

4. OK, so it appears the poor Seattle Mariners aren’t buying anymore, so we ask our resident M’s fan whether this franchise can introduce a credible lineup ... in 2012.

5. One of the better pitching matchups of the night is scheduled to take place in Anaheim, but will we learn anything about Derek Holland against this lineup?

Plus: Excellent emails, whether not trading Jose Reyes is a mistake, the Los Angeles Dodgers angle, the underrated New York Mets' starting pitchers and a whole lot more in a packed Baseball Today podcast for Wednesday!