Red Sox do not need Carlos Beltran

Gordon Edes reports the Boston Red Sox are interested in Carlos Beltran but the price is currently too high.

Here is why it does not make sense for the Red Sox to pursue Beltran:

1. The Red Sox lead the major leagues in runs scored, with 34 more runs than the Yankees. The only other AL teams within 80 runs of Boston are the Rangers and Blue Jays, but the Rangers have a huge home/road split (much larger than Boston's).

2. The Red Sox perceived lefty/righty split isn't that severe. They're hitting .276/.354/.438 versus lefties, .275/.351/.461 versus righties. J.D. Drew may be toast, but Josh Reddick looks good so far. Yes, he's another lefty bat, but if the Sox don't believe in Darnell McDonald as a righty platoon mate, they can find a competent righty bat much cheaper than what Beltran would cost.

3. How many good lefty starters would they face in the postseason? CC Sabathia, C.J. Wilson and ... that's about it. Matt Harrison is having a nice season for Texas, but he's actually a reverse platoon lefty (.790 OPS versus lefty hitters, .632 versus righties). Cleveland and Detroit have all-righty rotations. Sure, CC is a problem, but he's a problem no matter who you run out against him.

4. If Clay Buchholz doesn't return at full strength and John Lackey continues to struggle, the rotation suddenly looks very iffy. Any top prospect -- if one is traded -- should be used for a possible rotation upgrade, not Beltran.

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