Podcast: Most ridiculous mainstream stats

Tuesday’s fun Baseball Today podcast with Keith Law and myself discussed many pertinent matters related to the informative and entertaining side of the sport, including:

1. So the Rangers set records while scoring 20 runs against the Twins and we concern ourselves with the only guy who didn’t hit and the hitter who pitched. Um, yeah.

2. OK, so does anyone want to win the AL Central? Plus, breaking news, the Ohio version of America’s Team -- yes, there can be multiple! -- finds a way to win.

3. What makes up a true No. 1 starter? KLaw talks Tigers and their next big thing.

4. What is the most ridiculous yet mainstream statistic out there? Think about it, because there is definitely more than one. We rank 'em.

5. KLaw has discussed his distaste for certain managers, but could he be an effective one? His answer might surprise.

Plus: Excellent emails, evaluating trades years down the road (like the Jeff Bagwell one), lineups, Daniel Bard’s stuff and we look at Tuesday’s schedule, all on a packed Baseball Today!