K.C. will host 2012 All-Star Game

Well, finally it's (almost) official:

    The Kansas City Royals and Kauffman Stadium will reportedly play host to the 2012 All-Star Game.

    Comcast SportsNet New England reported the news on its site Tuesday, stating that an official announcement could come as early as next month's Winter Meetings.

    The Boston Red Sox, who hosted the event in 1999, had hoped to land the game to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. However, MLB has apparently decided on Kauffman Stadium, which underwent major renovations before the start of last season.

    Kauffman Stadium hosted its only other All-Star Game in 1973, when the structure was called Royals Stadium.

I hope I'm not being controversial when I say that it would have been absolutely ridiculous for the Red Sox to have gotten another All-Star Game so quickly. Obviously, in 2012 it will have been only 13 years since the last time the Red Sox hosted the All-Star Game, while it will have been nearly 40 years for Kansas City.

More to the point, I think, is that there are a few teams with absolutely no use for the All-Star Game, and the Red Sox are one of them. They've sold out 550 straight games. Do they really need an All-Star Game when they send out their season-ticket pitches this winter? No. In fact they don't need to send out pitches at all, as I'm sure the waiting list for season tickets won't be exhausted until well into the next decade.

Red Sox fans might argue that Kansas City doesn't "deserve" an All-Star Game, that the All-Star Game should by hosted by cities full of passionate fans. I've got some sympathy for that opinion. But if Major League Baseball wants to continue having 30 franchises, some of them playing in relatively tiny markets, then allowances must be made. Revenue sharing is the biggest and best of those allowances. But the occasional All-Star Game is a nice little bone that must be thrown occasionally, too.