Podcast: Will Diamondbacks hang around?

One emailer had venison on his mind for Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast, and Keith Law answered the question, but we also discussed many pressing baseball matters as well, among them ...

1. The Arizona Diamondbacks fired the first salvo in their big NL West showdown with the defending champs ... can Justin Upton’s bunch stick around?

2. With the trade deadline still fresh on our minds, we debate Ubaldo Jimenez, Hunter Pence, risk versus reward and more.

3. Justin Verlander apparently doesn’t like people bunting on him, and KLaw and I are pretty clear in our assessment of Sunday’s sideshow.

4. The Texas Rangers rotation certainly seems to match up well with other teams -- and we know the bullpen is first rate -- but just how well?

5. Should players adjust their on-deck circle strategy? KLaw discusses a Wall Street Journal report that bunks tradition!

Plus: Excellent emails, Doug Fister’s value, the awesome Jim Tracy, Houston’s minor league lineup, how KLaw cooks a lean meat (no, seriously) and a preview of Tuesday’s awesome action, all on a packed Baseball Today podcast. Download now!