Podcast: Power rankings, NL MVP race

And how was your weekend? Mine was terrific, and on Monday’s Baseball Today podcast I was joined by Mark Simon as we talked about many important baseball matters, including these:

1. The Red Sox again got the upper hand against the rival Yankees, though nobody will remember Sunday’s game in October. Or will they?

2. If it’s Monday it’s time for more Power Rankings, and Mark and I reveal our top 10 lists. The top and bottom are different, and things might stay that way.

3. Our best to Colorado Rockies hurler Juan Nicasio, who didn’t deserve what happened to him this weekend. What can MLB do about pitcher safety, if anything?

4. Dan Uggla has really turned his season around, and Mark thinks he’s figured out why.

5. Who would you vote for in the NL MVP race? I’ve got my pick, and we take a look at the leading candidates.

Plus: Excellent emails, Stephen Strasburg is back, Craig Counsell got a hit, the Phillies and Giants weren’t pals this weekend, Cleveland’s bullpen and so much more on a packed Baseball Today podcast for Monday! Download now!